Customer Service Drama

Click the play button (No , seriously I mean it), No , its not a Rick Roll , Rock Song , some oldies music that just gets you pissed off (remember that good ol’ midi music that usually gets embbeded in someones myspace profile). Yeah , its long , its around ~30 minutes the whole thing. Honestly , you ask me , its worth it for you to listen.Now let us take a look at what are my thoughts – When I firstly read this I nearly fell off from my chair. I admit its just a metaphor but still the way how the lady treats the customer service agent – I feel pitty. Both sides to be blamed. The customer support representive shouldn’t be rude to the customer by saying its ‘”Your problem” . I find it to be bit rude , after all this is not an ISP for Pete’s Sake – whereby you can suggest to the customer saying that it could be at your end (i.e equipment and other things) , this is ASTRO. They control the frimware upgrades and everything as. All the customer can do is just watch the programmes whereas for ISPs , the customers will be using different modems with different software with different configurations. Its hard for them to figure it out as well. The lady on the other hand shouldn’t be giving a lecture (aka Lecture 101 : How to be a Customer Service Reprenstive). Surely , she was being nice to the guy by expressing out how he should behave and treat a customer , thats nice of the 2nd lady but honestly , if I were in that guy’s position – I wouldn’t be bothering about listening to some crazy lady giving me an advice on how to treat a customer. Secondly , the first lady shouldn’t be commeting on the customer support respenstive’s command of the language itself. She is not a linguist nor a English teacher to comment on one’s english- maybe she has a better proficiency of the langauge then the guy , but still that is way over the limit
Lastly , What I would like to point out is that a customer should behave as a customer first. If you can’t control your emotions , take a deep breath and then talk again. If the customer support respenstive is still being dumb. Just hang up and call again (But in this case its ASTRO and its very hard to reach them) , try to talk with another 1st level agent. Suppose if your problem isn’t solved then its time to demand for a supervisior. Be polite and maintain a polite tone at all costs – no matter if you’re angry , upset or just dissopinted that you couldn’t see the Olympic Games or EPL matches ! . As for being the customer support agent , you should try your best to pacify the customer by giving them some sort of hope (i.e its a technicial problem and I’ll try to resolve for you as soon as possible) rather then saying its their side of the problem. Even if its their fault , there is a way for them to say it out. Both parties must be polite and respect each other in order to get things done.
My 2 cents !

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