WordPress 2.6.1 Upgrade Was A Breeze !

Just upgraded my WordPress installation from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1. According to the folks over at WordPress.org , they have fixed over 60 bugs , exploits and other things in their code. In other words , it just makes your WordPress installation even more secure. The upgrade process was a breeze to me honest , they have made it easier for folks to upgrade from one version to another. Do take note , its recommended for you to backup your wp-content. What I basically did was to rename the folder to wp-content1 and then copy it over to my desktop via FTP (precautionary steps of course – Its better to take’em) . Then I uploaded the whole installation files and removed the original wp-content and renamed back my old wp-content1 to wp-content. Guess what – It did the trick. Of course I had to enable my plug-ins and reconfigure some of my plugins. at the same time , I did update most of my plugins to the newest and greatest version. 

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Verdict : Overall , I would recommend you to upgrade your WordPress Installation from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1 as its safer for your blog. The installation was a breeze for me and there weren’t any hiccups along the way (knock on wood). Imagine if there were hiccups – I would be dead by now or worst – crying in a corner whole day long. True , you may call me emo but how do you feel if you have just lost your whole blog because of your silly mistake(s). Anyhow , kudos to the WordPress team for enabling average bloggers such as me to upgrade the software without any problem or playing around with the settings. Do keep up the good job.  Although its not a major update but still its something better then nothing. Bug fixes are important for me compared to features !
Reporting for you guys, 
Psst – i promise to post more real life pics , more informative articles and other things. I promise but I’m just tooo excited on this new WordPress 2.6.1 , 
prasys !

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