RM 159 for Laptop + 3G Modem + 3G Access

While most of us are striving for WiMax , Celcom has come up with a good deal to lure more potential buyers to switch to Celcom (I am guessing that want to put up with Maxis – as most of the people choose maxis because they provide a modem with it rather , which is somewhat innovative as 3G Modem is expensive and not many people can afford it. If you think for the long run , you’ll certainly buy but then you must think of an average consumer. Would he/she buy a modem for RM 400-500 , the answer is certainly not and celcom failed to attract its customers because of this. Guess they have planned something to pull more customers in , thinking that they could save.
Well actually if you calculate , you wouldn’t be saving that much. The Laptop is just only a Dual Core Pentium Core Laptop , surely you can get one for a very cheap price from HP ,but then you wouldn’t be having any Broadband service. If we take a look at the plan , its RM 68 a month for the 384Kbps Unlimited Internet Package and it doesn’t come with modem. For the one that comes with modem , it costs roughly RM 100. So by adding extra RM 54 a month you’ll be getting a laptop also. I am not sure for how long is the contract but the good news is you get to have the laptop and the modem. After the contract , you’re free to switch providers (Who knows – DiGi might roll their 3G Service by end of this year or by end of the next year and it will be just nice for you to hop on into DiGi)
For students , especially if you are unable to get streamyx or if you are hunting for a laptop for your assignments , then I would highly recommend you to go for this package. Most likely you wouldn’t be needing a fancy laptop with dedicated graphics , Intel Core 2 Duo and other goodies if you are going to use it for assignments and online work. I mean this laptop is fine if you want to run basic games and productivity applications such as Microsoft Office. So if you are are student or if you know someone who is looking for a laptop and Internet access , then ask him/her to get this
P.S – This is just my thoughts. I am not advertising Celcom or anything else nor getting paid by them to post this blog entry !
If you’re a power user , this so-called package isn’t worth it as you know by now that you could save roughly RM 200-300 if you buy the items separately. Not to forget that you wouldn’t be tied with a contract !
I don’t have more information or URL , but you can call celcom (03-36308888 or 1111 from your Celcom Mobile) for more details or just go to one of their centres 

Celcom Latest Offering
Celcom Latest Offering

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