Avoid paying RM 200 penalty for Maxis Broadband


OMG No Contract - Oh wait there is a RM 200 Handling fees if you say goodbye within 12 months !
OMG No Contract - Oh wait there is a RM 200 Handling fees if you say goodbye within 12 months !

Ha , thought of sharing this with you guys. As most of you know , I was an ex-Maxis Wireless Broadband user. At first it seems to be pretty good and the speeds were great and I was even able to run peer to peer programs. Then it went all bad , they started to block most of the peer to peer application and even gaming ports (blocking p2p is fine but gaming ports – thats madness). Thankful , I made a wise decision – which is to ditch Maxis Broadband and to switch to Streamyx. Surely , you may say ‘Ah..why streamyx ?’.Before I answer that question you must understand that we have limited choices here in Malaysia. Streamyx is still the King of all lousy broadbands here. If you think Streamyx is the worst – think again.  I Thought of sharing this cool tip that worked for me and couple of friends of mine to avoid paying RM 200 early penalty termination fees. Shall we get started ?

Requirements :-

  1. Maxis Wireless Broadband (around 1-3 months of usage) 
  2. Some time and a little bit of $$$ (to make phone calls and to write e-mails)
  3. Lots of luck (You might want to invest on getting a horseshoe) 
First step , all you have to do is basically simple. Give Maxis Wireless Broadband Call Centre a call from your fixed line or from your cell phone. Just call them and complain saying that you are unable to run some VOIP applications because they have blocked the ports (you may give other forms of excuses but just make sure they sound technical  – just say some of your applications don’t work). Then you  say on top of that the speed is slow , very slow and I am not able to tolerate. Just persuade them to file a complain. Don’t be harsh , be polite and just insist on filing a report. 
The next step is for you to wait for a call or an e-mail from Maxis Customer support department , usually they’ll give you a generic reply saying that they can’t do anything , and all those cock and bull stories that you have heard of. Now if they did call , just speak and just say you’re aren’t happy again because it defeats the purpose of having broadband in the first place as your restrictions sounds like some sort of  corp. internet access that you use at your workplace whereby system administrators block certain sites , applications to ensure company’s safety and to prevent you from using friendster , facebook , etc at your workplace. 
The third step is for you to write another nice letter to maxis customer care service again ([email protected] or [email protected] ) and this time say that you would like to bring this  case to MCMC’s attention , because you aren’t happy with the service that you are getting. Do keep in mind that you’ll have to write a letter to MCMC , or alternatively you can send an e-mail to Mr.Darshan , who is a very nice guy from NCCC that will publish your letter and forward it to the respective authorities to get things done. His e-mail address is ( darshan [at] nccc org dot my ). You should get a reply from NCCC saying that they have forwarded the case to MCMC
All you have to do now is wait. Maxis will call you saying that MCMC is probing them and they want the issue to be resolved. From time to time , they will ask you wether if your connection is better and what they can do. Seems that they care about you ? – Yes and no. Their customer support is world class but its just another TONA (Talk Only – No Action) {Its very common in Malaysia , sometimes even I myself fall into this category) } . Just say you are unsatesified and say you would like to return the Maxis Broadband but you would like to waive RM 200 fees. E-mail to them as well and if possible forward another copy to MCMC and Mr.Darshan saying that Maxis is unable to resolve your problem.
By now , they are unable to stand your problem and they should offer you to terminate your services free of charge. If they fail to provide you the RM 200 waiver , you’ll have to take extreme measures , which is to send WireShark report saying that certain ports are blocked and you are unable to use the applications. If Networking isn’t your kind , then just say you’ll bring this matter to the press. 
There you go , just make sure you return back the modem and the box and whatever they gave you. Otherwise you’ll have to pay a hefty fine too.  
This blog entry was created to share my experience with you guys. Many people did manage to get a waiver of RM 200. I thought of sharing it with you guys. I’ve nothing against maxis nor anything else , I am just doing my duty and protecting  my rights as a consumer !

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  1. I’ve subcrised a maxis broadband B932 and used almost 15day but the speed is so slow because of maxis cut my speed . I’ve complaint to the maxis centre, but their says my downloading speed is over 3Gb that why speed is slow. When I apply this wireless modem, their didn’t tell me that I only can used downloading 3Gb MAXIS PENIPU

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