Top 5 Mistakes Done by New Bloggers

This was a long time thought that was in my inner feelings and thought of expressing it out rather then keeping it to myself  I believe that blogging and blogger should share a bond , its like you should understand and express out what that comes out from one’s heart rather then just thinking of making profit or taking non-sense. Even if you want to share on how to make money online (which I find most of them are set up by scammers as a bait to lure those who are seeking for true sites) which is bad. Really bad – Anyhow here are some of my tips for new bloggers alike  – I know its not related to my blog but there is no harm of expressing it out right ! – Again there is a limit to it – Just don’t corss the line and you should be safe ! . Anyhow , read more for some tips as I do not wish to clutter the whole blog! – This is targetted for new bloggers who have just stepped up from myspace , facebook , friendster and other social networks . But anyway this is what this techie (which is me) has to say
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Improving your Internet (Streamyx) Connection

This guide tells you how to improve your Streamyx Connection for International sites by several ways and even other ISPs too. Most of the methods I’ve mentioned here are free and they don’t cost you a single cent. So if you’re having issues. Oh yeah , its narrated in my point of view (First Person’s Point of view). Think of it as another story book -but with a twist of course. In this lesson , I’ll be introducing to you a free VPN Service and I’ll be teaching you how to create a SSH connection (Nah this is not a typical use proxy and bypass solution) . So think of it as a three-in-one lesson. After all, Downloading stuff Learning is a life long journey ! – Let the journey begin
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Budget 2009

Finally our beloved Prime Minister of Malaysia has announced the Budget 2009. I’m not an economist by the way but i would be highlighting some key points here which I believe is important for me to point it out. I do know some of you are too lazy to read the whole thing. I’ll be highlighting some key-points here which is delivered by our Malaysian Prime Minister 

Prime Minister of Malaysia delivering the 2009 Budget in Parliament of Malaysia (Source : The Star)
Prime Minister of Malaysia delivering the 2009 Budget in Parliament of Malaysia (Source : The Star)

1.Excise duty specific on cigarettes increased by three sensI think this move would certainly discourage people to smoke (No offence to smokers and chain-smokers) , but generally I think you are polluting the environment. Not only the environment , other peoples health and not to mention your health as well. However if you can’t control yourself , you might start to moan on the price increase. Just reduce your cigarette intake rather then stopping it at one go !
2. Extension of LRT system in Klang Valley (Kelana Jaya & Ampang Line) & New LRT Line route from Kota Damansara to Cheras – Finally we can reduce the massive congestion in Bandar Sunway , Puchong and those affected areas . Phew our cries are finally being heard one by one. I am sure most of the residents would be delighted to hear this good news. Horray , now if they can integrate all , we are good to go. Especially folks from Selangor and Kuala Lumpur 
3. Lower Important Duty excise duty on new hybrid CBU cars for a period of two years– W-O-W. Our Government is going green as well. This is great as this shows that they care for the environment and they want Kuala Lumpur to be cleaner city. Hurry up and get your foreign imported Hybrid Cars now (Oh yeah this offer is only valid for cars which are less then 2,000 cc). I guess this should do the trick especially for city driving. If you’re thinking twice to buy a Hybrid car , Its a  future investment just incase our oil supply runs out earlier then what is expected 
4. Extirpating Poverty  – This includes the reduction of import duty consumer durables from 10% to 60% to 5% to 30% which is great , now the prices of Rice Cooker and Microwave will be cheaper. Apart from that , that ~ RM 600 Million and  ~ RM 400 Million will be allocated for Sabah and Sarawak to improve their quality of life , to build and improvise the infrastructure there. There are are also other great incentives provided by the government to abolish poverty !
5. Workers Power ! – Guess they are now following the Western System. This is yet another great move which is to allocate childcare allowance of RM 2,400. This kind of system has been implemented for a long time in many European Countries and now they are following this system , which is great if both of the parents are working. Not to mention , if you’re working in the public sector, there would be a bonus of one month salary (and the minimum amount would be RM 1,000). So , now go on and increase your productivity – Show what you’re made of (This is just to motivate you guys to strife for the best)
There are lots of other improvement in terms of promoting tourism , promoting SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) and our Malaysian Culture. You can read the whole summarised version by clicking here (Source: The Star). Alternatively you can wait for tomorrow’s paper (29th August 2008) to be published to read the whole thing. I’ve summed it up for you and revealed my thoughts on what I think about these main key points which I’ve posted !

Need your feedback !

Hey Guys and Gurls,
I truly need your feedback on my blog. Currently , I’ve disabled mandatory registration to post comments (which I think it somewhat sucks whereby you have to go and register yourself just to post). Anyhow , please post your thoughts , criticism and even suggestions on how i should improve my blog. Secondly , do you think I should continue in this style (mix of technological stuff and whats going on around the globe and Malaysia) or shall I just empathise more on technological stuff such as reviewing ISPs, posting tips and tricks on networking and writing more guides. Please , do leave some sort of comment. I truly value your feedback as it enables me to ‘connect’ with you and what you want. Oh yeah let me know what kind of stories you want me to blog on. Maybe who knows if there is demand for it , they will be supply for it as well.
P.S – Don’t worry I’ve lots of things to write. Just preparing the materials and will write more on issues that matters most for all of us ! 
Thats about it
Yours truly,
Pradeesh aka prasys !

P1Wimax : Drills For Facts (In-Depth Analysis)

Its great to see there is a new Internet Service provider in town , that claims to be better then TM Streamyx and all other ISPs. Well , firstly lets take a look at their pricing structure to see if its competitive or not. You can take a look below , these are their current charges and it comes along with the Free WiMax modem , but then you’re tied down with minimum contract of 12 months , which again sucks. We all do know that we hate contracts – don’t we !. Anyhow , scroll below to see their current promotional prices and compare it with their normal pricing scheme which I’ve posted below
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Mobile Number Protability is here !

Finally , I’ve been waiting for a long time for this. Retaining the same number while enabling us to switch providers , which has been done in Europe and in US for the long time. This is great as now our mobile number can be fixed line. We don’t have to message our friends and call them saying that the number has changed and please update your contact list. I know , I’ve been through that and its annoying
Its a sigh of relieve for me as I can now switch from Maxis to other providers (Thinking of choosing the Yellow Guy – DiGi). Of course I’ll have to do lots of comparasion and I might be losing few feauters such as 3G/HSPDA but for me – the call rates are important. I’ll be changing my provider soon and will blog about in on the whole process. But for now you can download and read the FAQ posted by MALAYSIAN COMMUNICATIONS AND MULTIMEDIA COMMISSION . You can read the press statement by clicking here
So stay tuned folks , I want to blog about the whole procedure and to see how efficent is the whole number protability thingy ! – Kudos to the Malayisan government for implementaing something like this . Things are changing here in the mobile industry. Now one thing to do which is to get my hands on iPhone 3G . I hope sa mobile service provider brings it to Malaysia

How To Configure qos for tomato firmware – part 2

There we go , this will be my second part of how to configure QoS for Tomato Firmware (Yeah – it took a long time for me to write this article) . You may want to read my first part before proceeding to the second part here. Anyway , I’ve explained couple of things last time , which includes the basics of Qos and how to configure the bandwidth allocation and stuff like that. Once again I recommend you to read the first part before proceeding to the second part. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous (or if you’re lazy to read the whole guide) , then continue on to read. Anyway let us get started shall we (Click on read more to get started)
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MCMC is on the fast lane & What is DNS Blacklisting

Wow this is something shocking , MCMC has managed to block malaysia-today through DNS null routing (I’ll explain on DNS null routing later). Its a very shocking news and it shows that MCMC is capable of anything (who knows , they might even block p2p protocol one day or better yet block all those file sharing sites – We might never know). Anyhow , what concerns me is the method that they used to block it , currently all 3 ISPs in Malaysia obeys this rule (that is by null-routing). I’m here to explain on null routing and how it works rather then just talking crap. These ISPs use a method called DNS Blacklisting , they black list the domain name , in other words – When you load your web-browser and type a blocked address in this case – Malaysia Today’s Address , your browser quires the DNS Server which acts as the phonebook and then provides the computer back the IP address it should retrieve data from. But then now the DNS entry has been altered in the DNS server , when your computer quires for the IP Address , the DNS server simply replies it with localhost/ , which results in a page could not be found error (It says , eh that site is in your PC !). Its a neat way to block sites,  but however its still possible for users to access the web-site if they key-in the Ip address of the site manually , as it would bypass DNS servers directly and connects to the server. Although this method isn’t efficient but its pretty good to keep folks out of the site , thinking that its down for good or there is no way to bypass it.
Here is an example , two screenshots which I’ve taken .

As you see above (my Local connection) , it shows the address of as and compare it with the screenshot below (my SSH conncetion – a server located in the states) it replies me back with the name server , the ip addresses of the server and other useful information. This shows that the DNS query has been blacklisted in my remote server. Usually , ISPs will black list certain sites to prevent users from visiting it or to block spammers , there are even several other reasons as well 

Dig Query (on a Remote Server)
Dig Query (on a Remote Server)

So that is how they do it , basically its done in the DNS entry. Oh yeah , you may be asking me what is dig and what does it do , dig(which is an abbreviation for Domain Information Groper)  is a unix tool to query the DNS Server , in other words it looks up for the IP address of the adress that you have entered. For all *nix based operting system such as MacOSX and Linux , this tool comes along with your distribution , as for windows if you want to get it , you may download it from this site (Bear in mind , its bit complex to set it up)  If you’re looking for a good DNS Server that provides more control over your DNS control and if you would like to block certain sites in your college or university , do consider trying OpenDNS. Its a pretty good alternative to your ISP’s Default DNS Servers ! – Once again you may never know whats going to hit next. All of a sudden they might block Torrent trackers or worst – They might even censor certain sites. Keep in mind , there is no such thing as 100% anonymity once you’re connected to the World Wide Web !

I'm back & Well Done Streamyx !

Oh Dear Blog,
You don’t know how much I miss you – Yes , in fact I feel that I was torn apart when I wasn’t able to blog or write an entry. Anyhow , I bet you’ll be happy as I’ve managed to put a smile in your face by writing this new entry
……Psst , thats not my style !
Anyhow , lets get back to the reality , as I’ve posted earlier – I was (in fact) having some issues with my DSL (Ack , remember the blinking DSL Light  , yeah thats the one) . For the past 3 days , my DSL light was blinking like a Christmas tree (day and night). Today (this evening) , while driving back to home – Telekom folks called me to check up on hows my status. I said to them that it was still blinking (when I checked in the morning and I asked them to call 5 minutes later). Later once I’ve reached home , they called me again to find out on the status , and this time I said the same ol’ thingy (Yeah some of you may say – be sarcastic  and just shout – there is no point of me shouting at the technician as he was polite). Moments later , I was filled with tears of joy (uh overwhelmed) to be exact they fixed it. Oh boy you must see the expression in my face – I thanked that guy couple of times for fixing it. Anyhow , it was quite fast for Telekom people to rectify the issue , it took them 2 days to do it (actually the problem can be solved within a day but yesterday I wasn’t able to pick up a call as I was busy – in class – duh).
On the other hand, I’ve bought a new modem (D-link DSL-520T) last Saturday for RM 99. Its a bit pricey but it seems to be cool and sexy. Anyway , here is the picture of the modem. I am testing this modem and I’ll let you know on how it goes. Expect a full review soon , and as for the QoS Guide – its on its way. Yeah I know most of you guys are anxious !. Here is the picture of my modem (isn’t she cute – I still need to decide on what shall I name her as. I’ll come up with a name). My telekom modem (aka DB102 is now my current back-up modem , just in-case if D-link fails or if just incase something funny happens)

My D-link 520 B ADSL Modem
My D-link 520 B ADSL Modem (Click to Enlarge)