~ Hacking ~

Well , hacking (again its a very subjective) has become common these days as there are lots of tools for professional script kiddies to play around with it. An unprotected computer or system can be easily compromised by many different ways (I call it flavours , lots of flavours). Some will try to use a worm to gain entry to your  , others will silently install a keylogger to log all your keystrokes (including your password and other things) and some other folks will silently hack your WiFi so that he/she can get Free Internet service. You may ask , what do they want out of me , why do these hackers want. Some of these hackers want to get confidential information from your system (especially if you are in a government sector) ,others want to get your personal information which they can they can use (pretend to be you that is) or that can be sold to third party folks and make a profit . Others will do it for the lulz (or in other words – for fun) , and there are some hackers that do it for educational purpose (to teach these people a lesson so that they will secure their PC)
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Relatives..Ha Ha Ha

Blah relatives , they can be pain in the butt. Yep , seriously , especially when you’re in an Indian family. My relatives are from India , so uh you get the picture eh (No offence to folks from India if you are reading this). But then my relatives do have this mentality that we in Malaysia are richer and better off then them in India. So they expect us to ‘save’ them by sending money every month via Western Union every month. Oh common , its not like I am super rich or something like that. Can’t they just earn a living in India – i am sure that it is possible. No , they are bunch of lazy <censored> . Anyhow , one of my relatives (who is bloody damn rich – nah he is not the one that is begging $$$ from us) from India came down to Malaysia , and yeah he was a stingy pig. Uh , its like we have to pay for food and all other things (For your information , he is a consultant in a very well company and heck , the company pays for his expenses and all other stuff). Oh yeah , he treats us like we are bunch of losers too , its like he knows a lot of things and we are like uh , some sort of idiots. The arrogance seriously kills me.
Anyhow , i am just saying out that most of my relatives are pain in the butt when you ask them to help or when you ask them to buy you things from India (such as pickles from India – I love’em {of course I am an Indian myself} ). Even if I send my money to them , they’ll not ship it , even if they do , some of the money goes missing and they ask me to send them more money by giving lame excuses such as “<with the indian accent> The courier fees are expensive </accent>”. What solution do I have ?. I think I am going to boycott all of them , that is what I am going to do. I think i should get back to my wiring on serious matters such as Mobile blogging and current affairs and economic issues

Things that I should do

Anyway , Since I’ve started to blog. There are couple of things that I should do as a blogger and as of course a citizen of Malaysian and most importantly a resident of planet earth. So I’ll try to gather useful information and publish them in my blog with my view of point. This includes stuff from my daily life , technological stuff , tutorials , how-to guides and any other thing that i can think of. Since my site is newly started , it will take some time for me to write useful content and hopefully , it will start to roll my blog and be one of those ‘top-lists’ blog out there. 
Things that I plan to write in this week 

  1. Write something on mobile browsing and mobile blogging – i am not sure if that would be intresting or not  (Wrote on the plug-in for WordPress that tunes the blog for mobile devices such as iPhone and PDAs/Mobile Phones)
  2. Write something on the current soaring oil prices and global warming – seems to be the current topic (Wrote that as well , and joined with point no 3 as well into one post. I guess I should write another topic on global warming as well minus the local politics) 
  3. Write something on the current political  affairs – Uh this is way too risky
  4. Talk about my life and some other things – It would be cool 
  5. Write a Tutorial/Guide on how to QoS and basic router configuration for Wireless router and other things 
There we go , those are the things that I wish to do. Hopefully that with the effort that I put into , I do hope that I’ll write the useful content. 

000webhost and TmNet Streamyx

Great just great. what more can I say. I do not know if its the web hosting provider or TMNet Streamyx that is giving me the issue. Every 1-2 hours , I can’t access the site and this forces me to do a reconnection the internet which is painfully annoying. I tried to contact my web host provider (000webhost) and they said that over at their side everything is fine , but over here I can’t access my site at all. So I’ve tried to disconnect and reconnect (the typical method that you guys use to get a new IP address) to see that if it resolves the issue or not and yes it did (wewt). I am guessing that TmNet is having some issues with routing again , no wonder people over at LYN and everywhere in the Internet rant and complain about. I’ll call up Telekom later and see what they have to say. Hopefully they don’t point fingers. Just would like to add another thing that the customer support for 000webhost is superb and they respond you on time – which is great to know for a free hosting company that does a lot in fact !

Really Pro Warcraft Player

Last time , I was a moderator in ascent community forums and a helper (that was back then before Burlex decided to start Summit – I’ll blog on my life on being an administrator and a GM of private servers). anyway , where was I. Click this screenshot and just see it for yourself. Don’t blame me if you fell off from your chair !
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
*Drums Roll* – Read more for my spoiler and on my views on this artist expression ! – I call it artist as it has aesthetic values ! 
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iPhone 3G and Maxis ? – for under RM 1000

I am sure that many of you guys have read the latest rumours on Maxis bringing iPhone 3G to Malaysia under RM 1,000 (that is under USD$ 250). Some of the users over at lowyat.net said that it can be true as Maxis has recently published their booklet on rewards and other stuff. If you take a look at the front page of the booklet closely , you’ll notice that its an iPhone !. We will never know that if really Maxis will bring iPhone over to Malaysia. So far we aren’t listed in Apple’s site. So who knows. We shall see how things go !. In the meantime join the never ending discussion over at Lowyat.net. I’ll keep you guys updated on any breaking news on iPhone 3G in Malaysia. If you ask me honestly , it would be great for Apple and Maxis to bring iPhone here in Malaysia ,trust me it will create a new wave of iPhone among users as Malaysians now tend to listen to music , multi-task and SMSing. Plus it will be a fashion icon to. This could generate for both Maxis and Celcom. On the other hand , there is a tiny demon within me that says that there is no way that they could bring it to Malaysia – as we dont have major players here in Malaysia. Pretty much , its being monopolised and laws prohibits a phone being tied down to a provider. Oh those who are interested to get iPhone 3G here in Malaysia , there are some sellers who are selling unlocked 3G iPhone for RM 4200 (yeah thats right – whopping RM 4200)

Big Dreams - Credits -LaskarCinta
Big Dreams

WordPress plugins that I can't live without !

As a new user of WordPress , there are many things that we can do. This thing is highly customisable – you could pretty much as you like – This is what that i am looking for in any services (including softwares). The ability to customise things. Here are some of the plugins that I use (I’ve managed to get some of it by myself , and others contributed by folks in lowyat.net and on the Internet. I’ve included the credits as well) 

  • All in One SEO Pack (Recommended by vkeong) – What it does basically that it optimises the header , keyword and everything for search engines , meaning that spybots spiders can easily can track your site. As the old style typing goes by :-
          1. Install All In One SEO Pack
          2. Configure it
          3. ??????
          4. Profit !
  • ShareThis – As the name suggests , it allows you to share your blog posts via digg , facebook , e-mail and a lot of other choices. You can even bookmark it to any online bookmark storage system. This is a neat tool. I just find it useful , who knows – maybe someone out there that may be interested in digging my article 
  • Youtube Brackets (Thanks Caroline) – A must have addon if you want to link youtube videos. It makes it even easier then embedding the video using youTube’s code. This is installed in WordPress hosted blogs but then if you are hosting your own blog like me. then you’ll find that this Addon handy , especially if you want to rick roll someone or include some video for the lulz. 
  • WordPress PDA & iPhone – It is a must have especially if you want mobile users or those who are on PDA/iPhone/iPod Touch to view your site. Is it annoying when you view a site such as this on a mobile phone (especially Mobile Internet Explorer) as it sucks. Another reason is that if you are on EDGE/GPRS/3G/HSPDA then you’ll have to pay a lot of data charges as there are lots of images , text , ads , flash animation that you’ll have to downloading. This is a must have if you have lots of mobile users or if your site is catered for mobile users. I’ll describe/blog more about this plug-in. I find it very useful
  • Akismet  – I think this is the one that you can’t live without .  It keeps spams at bay and at under control too which is useful to protect your blog against spambots which will occasionally spam your boards comments with links to pornography websites , gambling sites and all those unwanted sites. You’ll have to get an API key from wordpress in order for you to activate this , which requires a free registration over at WordPress.com . Oh one more thing , do not share your API key , its meant for your account only – its just like your password
  •  WP Super Cache   – Recommended to save bandwidth and cut down usage of bandwidth as it caches your blog. Hence no new content has to be downloaded to your readers pc. This is true when you have limited bandwidth and if your blog is really popular. I would recommend you to install
There you go , this is all that I have for now. If I do have time , I will certainly updated this page with the plug-ins that I use and to share it with you guys. After all sharing is caring 
There we go , some of the wordpress plugins that I am using right now. I think I did i left out couple of other plugins. But fear not , I’ll include them tomorrow. For now , my eyes are getting tired and it is too heavy to open my eyes. If you excuse me , I’ll have to hit the slumberland . 
Here is something for you to ponder around in the meantime :-
How far do you agree with that statement

C'est La Vie – Life

Blah , what can I say about life. Everything its the same ol’ thing over and over and over and over again. Its like I can predict the pattern everyday. You wake up , attend classes , you do your assignment and study , blog/chat/WoW and then sleep and the cycle continues (Not to forget makan/yam cha/lepak/eating out). Sure you may say  – Uh what about it – what difference does it make ?. If you want to change it you should change your life style ? (Remember ubah gaya hidup) . But then whenever I want to change my life style that is when I wish to change things – bam something unfortunate happens. For example today, when I wanted to take another route – Bam I was caught in jam and then today when queing up to make payment , my queue was the longest one and it takes such a long time for the queue to move compared to the lame next to me. Argh , why such thing must happen to me. Guess what ?. Its not only me and there is even a Law for this kind of phenomena and it is called – Murphy’s Law
Murphy’s Law states that :-

“if anything can go wrong, it will.” It is also cited as: “If there’s more than one possible outcome of a job or task, and one of those outcomes will result in disaster or an undesirable consequence, then somebody will do it that way”; “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”; or, “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way”. – Wikipedia

I guess it is true after all when it comes to realilty. But then as human beings , we must not give up our hopes. When there is a series of unforunate events happen , there must be there for a reason. Who knows why ? – God is playing with us (if you believe in God that is). Maybe He is testing our patienceand our resilienceas well. After a lot QQness (QQness = emoness/sadness – I learnt lots of these lingos from World of Warcraft to be frank) Today , it made me realised that sometimes in life it has its ups and downs too. What I am trying to say is that when you try to make a change and face a lot of obstacles in life – We must carry forward as always. Anyway here is a YouTube Video clip (Comme d’habitude – The French version of My Way) , which translates to As Usual. Its a very meaningful song. If you do not understand the the meaning of the song (lyrics) , just listen to the tune and I am sure that you’ll try to get the message
Comme d’habitude by Claude François and for now the english version :-
My Way by Frank Sinatra
It is a very meaningful song , trust me. It will make you to ponder around !. Oh yeah , I would like to thank Caroline for her guide on how to embed videos in WordPress. I view thats our life , we will just have to face anything , if someone says the truth – Just accpect and thank the peron for telling the truth and stop being in denial – Thats life and thats how you take a leap forward

My Broadband Journey

I wrote this post in Lowyat.net Message Board (A Forum whereby Malaysians hang-out) and thought of posting it in my blog since I am the original author and thought of expressing it out it in my blog. This whole story describes my journey and how I did finally managed to get Broadband. It was hard and I had to face lots of challenges. Yeah , its sort of like one of those Indian movies –
Firstly , I could not remember how I ended up in Lowyat. I think it was via Google when I first came to site. Like most of you guys here. I started to rant and blame TMNet as I couldn’t get streamyx. Dial-up was pain in the ass , not only its slow but it costs you a ton of $$$$ just to surf and watch things. I don’t mind if the connection is slow but going unlimited with dial-up is just insane. You’re paying both the bills (Telekom Bill + 1515 access fees). So , much like you guys , I started to rant TM as they gave me 10001 excuses why they couldn’t set up streamyx. Eventually I gave up and then one fine day (couldn’t remember when. I’ll try to include the date back if I’ve managed to get it). I came across with this agent by the name of JaringWireless. A very honest agent. I did some homework on this new JARING broadband (Jaring wireless broadband) by googling and calling JARING personally. JARING representative told me that there is no way I could get signal over at my area. As usual , I was frustrated and was in agony (yeah….Damn..#$#$#$ 7 years old dial-up). 

So I PM’ed this guy politely and asked him if its possible to come out to my place and do test it out. He came to my house and brought along with a JARING Somaport test unit. He tested it by placing the somaport outside of my place. It took couple of minutes for the SOMAPort to boot and to establish a connection. What surprised me was that 
It did manage to get a Signal . I was overwhelmed and tears of joy started to emerge from me. He said I could test the SOMAPort for a week to see if it suites me or not. Bam without any hesitation , I signed up after the Trial Period as I needed a Broadband connection. The connection to be honest isn’t the best but it certainly did give me around 100-900kbps of throughput without any disconnections. On top of that JARING’s site keeps customers up to date on current issues , upgrades , downtimes and other things. Which is another plus point , plus their customer support team are friendly. I pretty much fell with it for 1.5 years. Then , bam..the connection degraded severly mainly because of new construction projects around setapak area such as Prima Setapak II and other new apartments (great !). So I didn’t blame JARING at all as I am not in their coverage zone. 
Then, I said to myself that there must be another way out. There must be another alternative and the first option in mind – Streamyx . So I tried to apply for streamyx again as they said its possible to apply but in reality it didn’t turn out to be in my favour. The same ol’ cock and bully story. In other words the same ol’ chicken and egg story. Then I turned my attention to Maxis Broadband as I’m under their HSDPA coverage and like JARING they did offer a 1 week Trial Period (*cough* you gotta pay up some */cough*). Within a week or two , I got my Maxis ZTE MF600 Modem and the whole kit including the phone. I tested it out and I was pretty amazed with the speed. 600-700Kbps for a 786Kbps package. Its pretty good and superb upload speeds and the same cycle continues (just like my jaring) but this time its not because of external factors , its because of maxis itself. they have blocked and throttled non-standard port which made it worst as i’m a person who hosts site , internet radio and other couple of stuff. Plus on top of that my latency for gaming shoot up to 10-50k (WoW) which results in frequent disconnections. After reading bytefreezer’s post ( 
http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/656354 ) , i’ve decided to send a letter to MCMC as i am unable to bear with it. Thankfully Maxis responded quickly but they were unable to provide any solution to it. So its time to say goodbye to restrictive broadband
This made me no choice but to try my luck with streamyx. This Time I applied for a new phone line + streamyx together (streamyx combo) and everything went smooth and voila – Managed to get my streamyx. I’ve to say that i’m impressed with streamyx (you’ll if you have tried other broadband providers) but nevertheless its still the “king” of all other broadband providers in Malaysia. Yes , I am suffering from high latency issue for foreign sites and slow speeds for International sites especially those sites which are located in Europe. This whole journey has changed how I view our broadband. I’ve changed from a hot-tempered guy to a patient guy. I’ve finally managed to understand how our ISP works and other things. Trust me , once you have tried alternative ISPs , you’ll be a different person. 

An In-Depth Look At Wireless Broadband (HSPDA/3G)

Being a Lowyat.net Forum Moderator is fun and at the same time its challenging. Over the past few months , the demand for Wireless Broadband users in Malaysia is tremendously increasing (This is based on the number of threads . I am guessing this is because most of us are looking for a portable broadband service or that our location is not under Telekom Malaysia (TM) Coverage zone , hence TM weren’t able to service us. Nevertheless , some of us are glad that finally we can enjoy what has broadband has to offer. For instance , lightning fast speeds ,fast downloads and most importantly a fixed charge for unlimited usage – 24/7. Now let us take a look at the realilty of Wireless Broadband. No , this is not one of those rants post out there that condemning  on Wireless Broadband Providers. 
For your information , I was an ex-user of Maxis Wireless Broadband. The service was great but then eventually it did not cater for my needs as Maxis have imposed a lot of restrictions to ensure that they can live up to their expectations Few months ago , I did a speed test and I was shocked that my connection could get 1.2Mbps to 2.3Mbps (Keep in mind that it is not consistent/stable at all). If you compare it with your ADSL (Streamyx) connection , you’ll notice that Maxis performs far better then your streamyx connection in terms of download speed and possibility upload speed 
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