WiMax by P1 Broadband – Insight Look !

Yeah , we have heard of them for the past year ago. At first they keep on insisting  that its going to be launched soon , but as usual , due to some unexplained reasons , it took them longer to launch the service. Nevertheless , they have started to test their WiMax Service by offering Free 2-Weeks Trial to customers who are within the coverage zone. Anyhow , this is a screenshot of a speedtest posted by a user by the name of freezbies , if you take a look the speed is far superior then your average Streamyx 1Mbps packageor your so-called 3.5G Wireless Broadband even the latency seems to be 10-15 times better then a 3G/3.5 Wireless Broadband but again it still can’t beat the latency of a wired connection. What does it mean for an average consumer. Well in plain English , it certainly means that  you can get to enjoy high-speed Wireless Internet with a low latency. This allows you to play most of the games out there such as DOTA as the latency is still bearable for local link ,but when it comes to FPS (First person shooter) you might face a bit of a problem. Now let us take a look at what P1 offers in terms of IP , Connectivity and other goodies !

speedtest - P1 WiMax
speedtest - P1 WiMax by freezbies

As most of us do know , Wireless Internet service provider such as Celcom does not provide an External IP and whereas for Maxis they block external connections despite providing customers with dynamic IP address. It causes a chaos when someone wants to host a game or a site from his own computer. Of course this is also another major drawback for p2p lovers as you are unable to open port which makes it harder for people to connect to your computer. This is the primary reason why I ditched Maxis Broadband (*who wants a limited broadband anyway*). Thankfully , it is not true for p1 WiMax , they do provide their users with an External IP Address without any sort of restriction. in other words you can run p2p applications , host your own game server or web server. For the geeks and nerds out there , their IP Range starts from till
secondly , another thing that I’ve noticed during the tryout over at my friends place and the comments/feedbacks that I’ve read in the message board is that , p1’s Modem comes along with QoS. Yeah that’s right , Free Built-in Intelligent Qos. It automatically throttles your p2p connection when you’re surfing the Internet , streaming youtube , or running VOIP data which is great for average consumers who have zero knowledge or little knowledge of networking. Its a smart move so that users would not complain that their speed is too slow when they are downloading. But there is one disadvantage of this Intelligent QoS , it means that P1 will always have the right to manage your bandwidth at all costs , they can throttle your p2p connection if they suspect that you’re hogging the bandwidth too much. It seems to be fair to me , as if they can manage their bandwidth wisely and provide a sustainable connection – Why Not ? 
This is all I’ve information on p1 WiMax Broadband. Of course , I am waiting for my 2 Weeks Free Trial as well. If you want to register for the Free Trial for yourself , I suggest you to head to p1’s Website and register your interest  there. who knows , just try your luck and see !. I’ll update more information on this matter once I’ve managed to get hold of the p1 WiMax Modem and the service or if i have any new news regarding their service !

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