w00t my new server

W00t , My good ol’ friend and my negihbour gave his old PC away (well I requested and he gave it to me). Anyhow , its a Dell OptiPlex GX110 Model (Pentium III 800Mhz , 256MB of RAM , 30GB of HDD). Well the HDD is mine but other then that its his parts all right. Anyhow I’m pretty happy right now as I’ve my own server at home. It will be ideal for me to bypass restricions and other things that I face along the way (i.e in college , some cheap library computers and in office envoriment). I will post the pics and more to come. Maybe I’ll come up with a page just to dedicate the rigs that I’ve. Oh yeah , its running ubuntu 8.04 LTS with XFCE. I just need a GUI a lightweight gui just to get some things done – sometimes CLI can be pain in the butt
More pics to come and my desktop screenie
Anyhow back to work !. Oh , I’ll try my best to update my blog as well !

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