Malaysia Ain't Going Green ? Why & When ?

One thing that caught my attention is that while many nations are aiming to go green by encouraging folks to invest on hybrid cars. For example , google provides intensives for its employers when they want to get a Hybrid cars , such good moves are vital as oil prices are soaring and the resources are scarce. Anyhow lets get back to Malaysia ,what that caught my attention is this article. I nearly fell off from my chair after reading it
Its not funny , its just that it sounds insane and stupid. Why would someone want to buy a Benz car to replace a Proton car where the money can be used for the rakyat (citizens) of Terangganu for their future use. I am not condemning their move but it sounds too me that something is wrong here. I wouldn’t mind if they bought a Hybrid car , as it would set an example to the rest of the state government that we should preserve our environment. Anyhow ,let us see if there will be any good moves by the government to send out the message to our rakyat that we should slowly change our lifestyles – Yeah I know they have said it , but saying itself is not enough. Try to implement something and encourage our folks to switch to hybrid by reducing the prices of hybrid cars ( subsiding it ?) , or encourage Proton to make a local Hybrid car , it would be super cool too !. I am just saying out from my heart. Its not that i am condemning the government , its just that I want to see they do something for our environment , thats about it !
BTW , this just came in , DPM seems to be against this whole move from Proton cars , guess he got a point there – the cost and of course it would be humiliating to say that official state government folks aren’t even using local cars. Anyhow , as a Malaysia , we must have the Malaysia Boleh Spirit – (if the government officials don’t set an example – and then how do you expect the rakyats to follow). Let us see how this thing goes !

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