Wow – Take a look at this Bus/Taxi Stand

While , while I was driving around. I stumbled across this bus stand in around Genting Klang Area.  Wow , look its shape. I mean common , you expect buses to stop there , I do not think so. Firstly , the location itself is not strategic and secondly , just take a look at the cars that are parked outside (I don’t blame them as there is not enough parking space at that area) . Now let us anaylze the picture (yeah I know its crappy as it was taken from my Dopod D810 phone)

Just look at it
Just look at it

Ah ha , just see how it looks like ?. Well If I were a bus driver , I wouldn’t certain stop there as the road is  not wide enough and plus it can cause traffic jams. I mean they should place it some where more appropriate for people to use the bus stand/taxi stand. Look at that place itself , it looks like to me like a construction site. Sadly , it has been like this for the past 2-3 years and no action has been taken to improvise on that. Usually I see some tourists and locals around who’ll have to walk about a metre or two away just to catch a bus or taxi. This truly defeats the purpose of placing a bus/taxi stand in the first place. Mind you the location is a very strategic location – I can travel to Setapak and to City Centre – it acts a middle hub.
My suggestion is that they should place somewhere more appropriate people to use public transportation and a better taxi stand. The location is a diaster , at least they should move it a bit further from the place. I hope that the aurthorites read this and hope they do something about it. Its just heart breaking to see that stand just left alone like an orphan. It would be great if they decorate it and add route links as well (just like Singapore).
My 2 cents

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