Really Pro Warcraft Player

Last time , I was a moderator in ascent community forums and a helper (that was back then before Burlex decided to start Summit – I’ll blog on my life on being an administrator and a GM of private servers). anyway , where was I. Click this screenshot and just see it for yourself. Don’t blame me if you fell off from your chair !
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*Drums Roll* – Read more for my spoiler and on my views on this artist expression ! – I call it artist as it has aesthetic values ! 

Oh yeah , you’ll laugh when you see this screenshot. It was taken by Burlex (the lead developer of ascent). Its hilarious and caught my attention. Not because of his command of the language (I don’t blame his use of English) but what that caught my attention that the phrase – Real Pro Men .  Its a catchy phrase and heck I even use it everyday – You Real Pro men ? . Cool lingo. Its amazing that with broken English you could produce catchy phrases for quotes. I think i should start a parody of Warcraft for the gangs. Anyhow , this is the fun stuff that you get in private servers. Think of the typical Barrens Chat ! (For Retail World of Warcraft Players)

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