iPhone 3G and Maxis ? – for under RM 1000

I am sure that many of you guys have read the latest rumours on Maxis bringing iPhone 3G to Malaysia under RM 1,000 (that is under USD$ 250). Some of the users over at lowyat.net said that it can be true as Maxis has recently published their booklet on rewards and other stuff. If you take a look at the front page of the booklet closely , you’ll notice that its an iPhone !. We will never know that if really Maxis will bring iPhone over to Malaysia. So far we aren’t listed in Apple’s site. So who knows. We shall see how things go !. In the meantime join the never ending discussion over at Lowyat.net. I’ll keep you guys updated on any breaking news on iPhone 3G in Malaysia. If you ask me honestly , it would be great for Apple and Maxis to bring iPhone here in Malaysia ,trust me it will create a new wave of iPhone among users as Malaysians now tend to listen to music , multi-task and SMSing. Plus it will be a fashion icon to. This could generate for both Maxis and Celcom. On the other hand , there is a tiny demon within me that says that there is no way that they could bring it to Malaysia – as we dont have major players here in Malaysia. Pretty much , its being monopolised and laws prohibits a phone being tied down to a provider. Oh those who are interested to get iPhone 3G here in Malaysia , there are some sellers who are selling unlocked 3G iPhone for RM 4200 (yeah thats right – whopping RM 4200)

Big Dreams - Credits -LaskarCinta
Big Dreams

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