My Broadband Journey

I wrote this post in Message Board (A Forum whereby Malaysians hang-out) and thought of posting it in my blog since I am the original author and thought of expressing it out it in my blog. This whole story describes my journey and how I did finally managed to get Broadband. It was hard and I had to face lots of challenges. Yeah , its sort of like one of those Indian movies –
Firstly , I could not remember how I ended up in Lowyat. I think it was via Google when I first came to site. Like most of you guys here. I started to rant and blame TMNet as I couldn’t get streamyx. Dial-up was pain in the ass , not only its slow but it costs you a ton of $$$$ just to surf and watch things. I don’t mind if the connection is slow but going unlimited with dial-up is just insane. You’re paying both the bills (Telekom Bill + 1515 access fees). So , much like you guys , I started to rant TM as they gave me 10001 excuses why they couldn’t set up streamyx. Eventually I gave up and then one fine day (couldn’t remember when. I’ll try to include the date back if I’ve managed to get it). I came across with this agent by the name of JaringWireless. A very honest agent. I did some homework on this new JARING broadband (Jaring wireless broadband) by googling and calling JARING personally. JARING representative told me that there is no way I could get signal over at my area. As usual , I was frustrated and was in agony (yeah….Damn..#$#$#$ 7 years old dial-up). 

So I PM’ed this guy politely and asked him if its possible to come out to my place and do test it out. He came to my house and brought along with a JARING Somaport test unit. He tested it by placing the somaport outside of my place. It took couple of minutes for the SOMAPort to boot and to establish a connection. What surprised me was that 
It did manage to get a Signal . I was overwhelmed and tears of joy started to emerge from me. He said I could test the SOMAPort for a week to see if it suites me or not. Bam without any hesitation , I signed up after the Trial Period as I needed a Broadband connection. The connection to be honest isn’t the best but it certainly did give me around 100-900kbps of throughput without any disconnections. On top of that JARING’s site keeps customers up to date on current issues , upgrades , downtimes and other things. Which is another plus point , plus their customer support team are friendly. I pretty much fell with it for 1.5 years. Then , bam..the connection degraded severly mainly because of new construction projects around setapak area such as Prima Setapak II and other new apartments (great !). So I didn’t blame JARING at all as I am not in their coverage zone. 
Then, I said to myself that there must be another way out. There must be another alternative and the first option in mind – Streamyx . So I tried to apply for streamyx again as they said its possible to apply but in reality it didn’t turn out to be in my favour. The same ol’ cock and bully story. In other words the same ol’ chicken and egg story. Then I turned my attention to Maxis Broadband as I’m under their HSDPA coverage and like JARING they did offer a 1 week Trial Period (*cough* you gotta pay up some */cough*). Within a week or two , I got my Maxis ZTE MF600 Modem and the whole kit including the phone. I tested it out and I was pretty amazed with the speed. 600-700Kbps for a 786Kbps package. Its pretty good and superb upload speeds and the same cycle continues (just like my jaring) but this time its not because of external factors , its because of maxis itself. they have blocked and throttled non-standard port which made it worst as i’m a person who hosts site , internet radio and other couple of stuff. Plus on top of that my latency for gaming shoot up to 10-50k (WoW) which results in frequent disconnections. After reading bytefreezer’s post ( ) , i’ve decided to send a letter to MCMC as i am unable to bear with it. Thankfully Maxis responded quickly but they were unable to provide any solution to it. So its time to say goodbye to restrictive broadband
This made me no choice but to try my luck with streamyx. This Time I applied for a new phone line + streamyx together (streamyx combo) and everything went smooth and voila – Managed to get my streamyx. I’ve to say that i’m impressed with streamyx (you’ll if you have tried other broadband providers) but nevertheless its still the “king” of all other broadband providers in Malaysia. Yes , I am suffering from high latency issue for foreign sites and slow speeds for International sites especially those sites which are located in Europe. This whole journey has changed how I view our broadband. I’ve changed from a hot-tempered guy to a patient guy. I’ve finally managed to understand how our ISP works and other things. Trust me , once you have tried alternative ISPs , you’ll be a different person. 

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