WiMax by P1 Broadband – Insight Look !

Yeah , we have heard of them for the past year ago. At first they keep on insisting  that its going to be launched soon , but as usual , due to some unexplained reasons , it took them longer to launch the service. Nevertheless , they have started to test their WiMax Service by offering Free 2-Weeks Trial to customers who are within the coverage zone. Anyhow , this is a screenshot of a speedtest posted by a user by the name of freezbies , if you take a look the speed is far superior then your average Streamyx 1Mbps packageor your so-called 3.5G Wireless Broadband even the latency seems to be 10-15 times better then a 3G/3.5 Wireless Broadband but again it still can’t beat the latency of a wired connection. What does it mean for an average consumer. Well in plain English , it certainly means that  you can get to enjoy high-speed Wireless Internet with a low latency. This allows you to play most of the games out there such as DOTA as the latency is still bearable for local link ,but when it comes to FPS (First person shooter) you might face a bit of a problem. Now let us take a look at what P1 offers in terms of IP , Connectivity and other goodies !

speedtest - P1 WiMax
speedtest - P1 WiMax by freezbies

As most of us do know , Wireless Internet service provider such as Celcom does not provide an External IP and whereas for Maxis they block external connections despite providing customers with dynamic IP address. It causes a chaos when someone wants to host a game or a site from his own computer. Of course this is also another major drawback for p2p lovers as you are unable to open port which makes it harder for people to connect to your computer. This is the primary reason why I ditched Maxis Broadband (*who wants a limited broadband anyway*). Thankfully , it is not true for p1 WiMax , they do provide their users with an External IP Address without any sort of restriction. in other words you can run p2p applications , host your own game server or web server. For the geeks and nerds out there , their IP Range starts from till
secondly , another thing that I’ve noticed during the tryout over at my friends place and the comments/feedbacks that I’ve read in the message board is that , p1’s Modem comes along with QoS. Yeah that’s right , Free Built-in Intelligent Qos. It automatically throttles your p2p connection when you’re surfing the Internet , streaming youtube , or running VOIP data which is great for average consumers who have zero knowledge or little knowledge of networking. Its a smart move so that users would not complain that their speed is too slow when they are downloading. But there is one disadvantage of this Intelligent QoS , it means that P1 will always have the right to manage your bandwidth at all costs , they can throttle your p2p connection if they suspect that you’re hogging the bandwidth too much. It seems to be fair to me , as if they can manage their bandwidth wisely and provide a sustainable connection – Why Not ? 
This is all I’ve information on p1 WiMax Broadband. Of course , I am waiting for my 2 Weeks Free Trial as well. If you want to register for the Free Trial for yourself , I suggest you to head to p1’s Website and register your interest  there. who knows , just try your luck and see !. I’ll update more information on this matter once I’ve managed to get hold of the p1 WiMax Modem and the service or if i have any new news regarding their service !

Sick !

If you guys were wondering why – I’ve not updated my blog , it is because I fell sick (yeah for the past three days to be honest). Fever , sore throat , cough , muscle cramps. Oh my , I could not even get up and I was bed-ridden for the past 2 days. Anyhow , this is just to inform that I’ll still continue to update my blog. Hopefully , I do not abandon my blog – I hope I do not. Anyhow , I’ll be posting a entry on WiMax (P1) shortly from the sources that I’ve !

w00t my new server

W00t , My good ol’ friend and my negihbour gave his old PC away (well I requested and he gave it to me). Anyhow , its a Dell OptiPlex GX110 Model (Pentium III 800Mhz , 256MB of RAM , 30GB of HDD). Well the HDD is mine but other then that its his parts all right. Anyhow I’m pretty happy right now as I’ve my own server at home. It will be ideal for me to bypass restricions and other things that I face along the way (i.e in college , some cheap library computers and in office envoriment). I will post the pics and more to come. Maybe I’ll come up with a page just to dedicate the rigs that I’ve. Oh yeah , its running ubuntu 8.04 LTS with XFCE. I just need a GUI a lightweight gui just to get some things done – sometimes CLI can be pain in the butt
More pics to come and my desktop screenie
Anyhow back to work !. Oh , I’ll try my best to update my blog as well !

QoS – Quality of service – Ep I

I have been getting this question slammed at me every single day over the message boards and even on my MSN.

Hi, I am sharing my streamyx/DSL/Broadband connection with 10 people and i am using 1Mbps connection. But then my room mate , partner , parents , kids are using it to download movies everyday and it causes the whole network to slow down. I am wondering that if there is any way for me to control/share my bandwidth or not

Fear not , I’ve the answer for you. It is called QoS – Quality of service – (its commonly used in computer science , especially computer engineering and other stuff). Of course there is a technicial term for it , but let us put in layman’s term shall we. It is used to prioritise which connection should get the bandwidth (as we know bandwidth is something scarce). For instance , you may want to ensure that VOIP packets/data/application gets the highest traffic priority as its important for you to maintain voice call and that goes same for online games as you want the packets/data to be sent as fast as possible. Now whereas for applications such as instant messaging , Browsing , you wouldn’t mind if its bit slow as its not a really demanding application. Therefore you’ll set the traffic to bulk.
QoS allows you to maximise on your current bandwidth enabling you to maximise the connection. if you learn how to manage your bandwidth properly you’ll notice that you’ll still have the bandwidth to do other things. In other words you can run BitTorrent and at the same time play World of Warcraft without any lags. How about that ?. Now you may ask , how do I activate this QoS. Basically there are two ways , one is via hardware (i.e router) and the other way is via software. Well for this blog entry , let us do something easy well. Let us take a look at the software part , I’ll talk about about this software – cFosSpeed. It is a traffic shaping software for Windows and its not free.

cFosSpeed Settings - Source : Softpedia

You can get it from here, of course it costs you 19.90 euros for it which might be expensive for most of us (no , i am not getting any commission from them , otherwise that link would be a referral link instead). It is straight forward and easy to configure. Pretty much its newbie-proof i would say. anyhow , I have a freeware alternative too. Of course this freeware alternative doesn’t quite do its job , but it is ideal if you use Windows Internet Connection sharing or (ICS). Now this freeware alternative shines , but if you are just using it on your own pc , it does quite as well but you wouldn’t be able to take the fullest advantage of what this software has to offer you. It is called Traffic Shaper XP (I don’t know if it works for Vista or not – Do let me know if it works). Anyhow the screenshot from softpedia
Traffic Shaper XP - Source : Softpedia
Traffic Shaper XP - Source : Softpedia

Of course in my next blog entry. I will be talking more about how this software functions and what other alternatives do we have besides software and what hardware routers are recommended for this purpose (i.e if you want to control the bandwidth from a router itself rather then per pc , as installing these application in each and every individual pc in your household can be troublesome)


Malaysia Ain't Going Green ? Why & When ?

One thing that caught my attention is that while many nations are aiming to go green by encouraging folks to invest on hybrid cars. For example , google provides intensives for its employers when they want to get a Hybrid cars , such good moves are vital as oil prices are soaring and the resources are scarce. Anyhow lets get back to Malaysia ,what that caught my attention is this article. I nearly fell off from my chair after reading it
Its not funny , its just that it sounds insane and stupid. Why would someone want to buy a Benz car to replace a Proton car where the money can be used for the rakyat (citizens) of Terangganu for their future use. I am not condemning their move but it sounds too me that something is wrong here. I wouldn’t mind if they bought a Hybrid car , as it would set an example to the rest of the state government that we should preserve our environment. Anyhow ,let us see if there will be any good moves by the government to send out the message to our rakyat that we should slowly change our lifestyles – Yeah I know they have said it , but saying itself is not enough. Try to implement something and encourage our folks to switch to hybrid by reducing the prices of hybrid cars ( subsiding it ?) , or encourage Proton to make a local Hybrid car , it would be super cool too !. I am just saying out from my heart. Its not that i am condemning the government , its just that I want to see they do something for our environment , thats about it !
BTW , this just came in , DPM seems to be against this whole move from Proton cars , guess he got a point there – the cost and of course it would be humiliating to say that official state government folks aren’t even using local cars. Anyhow , as a Malaysia , we must have the Malaysia Boleh Spirit – (if the government officials don’t set an example – and then how do you expect the rakyats to follow). Let us see how this thing goes !

Wow – Take a look at this Bus/Taxi Stand

While , while I was driving around. I stumbled across this bus stand in around Genting Klang Area.  Wow , look its shape. I mean common , you expect buses to stop there , I do not think so. Firstly , the location itself is not strategic and secondly , just take a look at the cars that are parked outside (I don’t blame them as there is not enough parking space at that area) . Now let us anaylze the picture (yeah I know its crappy as it was taken from my Dopod D810 phone)

Just look at it
Just look at it

Ah ha , just see how it looks like ?. Well If I were a bus driver , I wouldn’t certain stop there as the road is  not wide enough and plus it can cause traffic jams. I mean they should place it some where more appropriate for people to use the bus stand/taxi stand. Look at that place itself , it looks like to me like a construction site. Sadly , it has been like this for the past 2-3 years and no action has been taken to improvise on that. Usually I see some tourists and locals around who’ll have to walk about a metre or two away just to catch a bus or taxi. This truly defeats the purpose of placing a bus/taxi stand in the first place. Mind you the location is a very strategic location – I can travel to Setapak and to City Centre – it acts a middle hub.
My suggestion is that they should place somewhere more appropriate people to use public transportation and a better taxi stand. The location is a diaster , at least they should move it a bit further from the place. I hope that the aurthorites read this and hope they do something about it. Its just heart breaking to see that stand just left alone like an orphan. It would be great if they decorate it and add route links as well (just like Singapore).
My 2 cents

Ack Streamyx Again !

Great just great. Yesterday it was a disaster for streamyx users nationwide (Malaysia) , lots of streamyx home/basic users couldn’t even surf any local links and international links at all. It just times out. So I called up TM to enquire if its any problem on my side or on their side. They said that there is no maintence and they suspect that I am not using the latest version of Windows. So they asked me to contact my PC Vendor to upgrade my OS. Thank god , I was being paitence yesterday (yeah – paitence is virtue – correctos 100%) , so I just kept quiet and let him explain. So finally he ( the streamyx call centre dude) himself deicded to file a report on this issue. Bam , I wonder if the technicial team are going to enterain such report. Nevertheless , they managed to fix the problem today (12 pm – I believe). Anyhow , the connection seems to be great and so far no issues.
But still TM doesn’t admit anything. If you go to the official streamyx site there isno mention on downtime or anything like that

RM 1.92/litre for Taxis – Now stop overcharging us !

Woke up this morning , read the papers and guess what taxi drivers get 720 litres of petrol @ RM 1.92
which is in fact great , now these taxi drivers do not have another  excuse reason to hike up the fare. In fact , I do hope that the images of our Malaysian Taxi System will be repaired as they are known for overcharging and not using the fares. No , I am not bashing the taxi drivers as I do understand why they are hiking up the fare and not following the metre (Am I contracting myself here ?) . Anyhow , its a wise move by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister , Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad. I do hope that by doing this , it would improve our Taxi Driver Images. Let us wait and see how is the reaction – only time will tell !. For now , it seems to be a good news and a sigh of relive for taxi drivers. Lets put this into realilty. I’ll blog or update the status on it for you guys !. Guess I should be wiring on public transportation system too as well.

Blogs should be designed for Mobile Devices too !

Its a shame that most of the blogs that I visit aren’t tuned for mobile devices. Surely you may say that that it would be better for me if I just Subscribe to the RSS/Atom feed but then for folks like me its somewhat a hassle to update all my feeds in my mobile device (I prefer to go to the site and read it there myself). Anyway, the factor that prevents me to access blogs or heavy content site is because of the rich multimedia content and other things such as advertisements. I do have nothing against the rich multimedia content and ads , but then if you view it on your mobile phone it does take a lot of data. Hence I’ll be charged for the data transfer and mind you , it is not cheap here in Malaysia to have unlimited data plan. Anyhow , two days ago while searching for wordpress plugins to enhance my blog , I stumbled across this cool plug-in - WordPress PDA & iPhone  and guess what its WordPress 2.6 compatible. The installation was a breeze (as you know installing wordpress plugins are pretty simple and straightforward). You would see the effect of the plug-in by browsing the site on an iPhone/iPod Touch or on a mobile device. It would be ideal to browse your blog on the go for somebody who may want to get to know what is the latest/hottest news or on your reviews on food. It is that simple. Anyhow , i’ve managed to capture a screenshot in my iPod Touch and on my DoPod D810 (HTC P3600i) on how my site looks like in both of the devices. 
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Fuel Debate : Anwar Ibrahim VS Shabery Cheek & Our Public Transportation

I couldn’t think of a better title for this. Anyhow , I am not going to analyse  the whole thing. What disappoints me is that none of the politician did ever come up with a solution to control the roaring fuel prices in Malaysia. Honestly think , the debate was more of a fight rather then a debate , it was sort of like personal attack against Anwar Ibrahim and Shabery Cheek which I find it to be  interesting and entertaining to. 

A part of the Debate – You can pretty much find all the missing parts in YouTube itself !

Now what concerns me is that what is going to happen to us , I mean the average Malaysian. Our household income per annum is low compared to other countries , plus the soaring costs of living forces students such as myself to seek alternatives as well. But then , we do not have much alternatives here in Malaysia – i mean just take a look at our public transportation system for instance , its not as systematic and connected as Singapore. I mean to walk from one place to another – pfft it takes time  and plus some of the stations are connected remotely. Plus the joke is that its not integrated at all , suppose if i want to go to Bukit Bintang (home of Lowyat , Berjaya Times Square) , I would have to take a train from Taman Melati to KL Sentral and from KL Sentral (pathetic – its not even integrated – i’ll have to walk from KL Sentral to the KL Sentral monorail station and then from there I’ll have to take a monorail to Bukit Bintang). Sure , I might take a cab but then taxi drivers don’t not go according to the metre (- just great). some of you may disagree saying that you can get down from a putra lrt station and walk , but then doesn’t it defeat the purpose of having public transportation in the first place ?. Think about it. If you have been to Singapore , you’ll notice that their public transportation system are linked up properly and it is a world-class system. Anyhow , let us get back to our story – shall we. Okay , where was I , Uh yes , so there we go , we just need a better intergrated public transportation system in the KL area and PJ area. Do it properly and we are set. there is no use for us to use cars if the public transportation system is good.

Putra LRT which is now known as RapidKL (Credits : urbanrail)
Putra LRT which is now known as RapidKL (Credits : urbanrail)


SMRT - Singapores MRT System (Credits : dreamstime)
SMRT - Singapore's MRT System (Credits : dreamstime)

Suppose if they can’t do proper public transportation system due to the costs and other things , then the government should focus on reducing the import duty tax on foreign cars  vehicles which is crazy , 300% on foreign import vehicles – heh , thats madness. If they do reduce the tax , I am sure that hybrid cars will be afforable for all of us. Think about it. We can cut usage on petrol and it doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket as hybrid cars are way to go (long term investment).
Let us see how they implement the 9th Malaysian Plan. I do hope to see  that there would be an improvement towards the public transportation system here in Malaysia. Let us keep our fingers crossed and we hope to see a better Malaysia and also to protect our environment as well