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Installing Playstation2 Media Center !

Well , remember my old article which I’ve talked about on how to convert your PlayStation 2 to play movie files , mp3 , mp4 and so on. It had one catch , which is you aren’t able to use the DVD-ROM Drive to play discs and so on. I’ve had a member commented on this and he wanted to find a way if its possible to do run these programs from a memory card

Well now you could do. I wouldn’t be writing a tutorial this time , instead I would be linking with two YouTube videos which should help you to install the whole thing. This is mainly because I don’t have the time to write a complete tutorial (If I’ve the time , I would certainly do it)

Well if you do have any trouble or anything else , just kindly let me know. Post a comment or e-mail personally and I’ll get to you and try to assist you with this. Anyway , McBoot is actually an alternative boot loader which allows you load programs in your memory card so that you could run off from it. Think of it as installing a .prc file in your Palmtop !

Help Mankind by [email protected]

[email protected] is a great project organised by Pande Group and Stanford University to
understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases.” What it simply means that , they are using computers (well super computers) to run some mambo jumbo calculations to find the cause and hopefully cure for diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, mad cow disease, cancer, Huntington’s disease and other diseases which are related to it .

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Choosing the Right Netbook Part 2

Well , if you haven’t read my part 1. You should read that first , anyway let me continue. Most of us are stuck in a dilemma when choosing a netbook , as there are many flavours to it . Now let me break it down for you and lets do compare it right from a-z , right from Processor , HDD , RAMs and things like that. Don’t worry , I’ll be putting it in plain English (Hopefully its understandable) .

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Linux for PS2 – without the Linux Kit

Well as we all do know that Linux works well with PS2. All you need is a network adapter and a hard disc and fork out $50 USD for Sony Linux Kit. Well the issue is that I want to get those stuffs here in Malaysia and unfortunately , nobody is selling those stuff here , even the network adapter for Playstation 2. After years of finding one , I’ve finally given up on running linux on the PS2.

Yesterday , while I was watching YouTube videos on playstation 2 hacks and stuff. I stumbled across a video whereby a guy managed to get his PS2 Slim to boot the linux loader via the USB. Now that’s something amazing. Well if you feel geeky and want to give it a go , I recommend you to check out this link

PS2 Linux - with External USB Drive
PS2 Linux - with External USB Drive

For now , here is a picture. Currently , it does load linux and startx (but I can’t do anything , it doesn’t want to regonise the keyboard/mouse. So What i am doing is that I am trying to figure it out a way to get X fully working. If that works , I’ll have a GUI and then I can slowly start to use it as my backup PC). Well I plan to use this to do [email protected] tasks and other stuff. I’ll keep you posted. For now here is a picture , if I acan get it to run properly , i’ll try my best to write a tutorial. Writing a tutorial for these kind of stuff is tedious ,especially when configuration varies form one person and other. Now I’ve my hopes and hopefully I can get the GUI and everything else to work properly. Once that is done , finally my PS2 is a computer

Now who says we need PS3 or new gaming console. I believe that we can actually get old things running to serve us well !


Playstation 2 as a Media Center

Look at the interface - It looks like PS3/PSP's Interface but it is on PS2

Ever thought of using your Playstation 2 as a Media Center whereby you could play your favorite songs , watch movies and uh even get latest weather information. This way your playstation 2 can be more then just a gaming machine. When I say it acts a Media center , it means that it can play all your MP3 collections , Divx videos that you ripped from DVD or ‘borrowed from the Internet’ , and now even MP4s (which i find it pretty amazing :P). Oh , not to mention that is has a cool looking GUI much like Playstation’s 3 and PSP’s XMB Media Interface. It gives you the feeling of using PS3 but on a PS2.

Some of you may ask what are the advantages over say a normal DVD Player which has USB Port and can playback these files.  Well , firstly its cheap to get Playstation 2 these days as opposed to say getting a dedicated DVD Player which can do this. Plus , the software is expandable , meaning that as developers come up with new methods and add more codecs , the Playstation can play more files. You can even listen to live shoutcast streams (provided if you have a network adapter which is linked to a Internet connection). The two USB 1.1 ports are pretty handy if you ask me compared to one as it comes with normal DVD player or BluRay player (I haven’t seen one which has two). Overall , its totally worth the money and you can play classic Playstation two games. Bored ? , then fire up GameBoy emulator or SNES emulator and play classic games with your PS2. It serves a pretty good gaming console

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How To Configure qos for tomato firmware – part 2

There we go , this will be my second part of how to configure QoS for Tomato Firmware (Yeah – it took a long time for me to write this article) . You may want to read my first part before proceeding to the second part here. Anyway , I’ve explained couple of things last time , which includes the basics of Qos and how to configure the bandwidth allocation and stuff like that. Once again I recommend you to read the first part before proceeding to the second part. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous (or if you’re lazy to read the whole guide) , then continue on to read. Anyway let us get started shall we (Click on read more to get started)

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How to Configure QoS for Tomato Firmware – Part 1

This is just another basic tutorial by me to teach most of you guys on how to QoS properly. This is the first part. I’ll try to split it into several parts first. Of course if you want to write something good you can’t do it within a day or two. It takes time , especially the explanation part. I believe it would be wiser to explain how things work rather then just showing it to you. This way you’ll appreciate how it works totally and what you can do ! . If you are looking for software solution there is another entry that i’ve blogged about software QoS Solution . Psst , read more on how to configure the thingy , its a lengthy post so it would be better for me to stop it here and then you continue to read if you want to learn more about it !

my modem !
My Beloved Linksys WRT54-G

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